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Ownership and accountability for ones own life establish leadership and self-sufficiency in ones own life


My name is Mojj Naz

I am a Professional Counselor who has dedicated her work-
career to working with all individual ages and cultures (Specially young adults, Pregnant teens & Drug/alcohol teens).

I love working with young-adults because they are so powerful in making our future a healthy society, but they have so many things they struggle with, that really keep them away from being their authentic selves and using their voice in the world. And I have this passion to really help these individuals, to help tap into who he/she really is as a person, to find “their” passion and to let go of “shame” and identities that don’t fit and feel comfortable in their own skin & values in the world and relationships and be excited
for what they have to bring in to the world.

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As a Professional Rehabilitation counselor with over 15 years of clinical experience as
a Professional Counselor working with individuals who suffered from mental and/or
physical disabilities and with a very successful practices with consumers and other
stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in independent living and
quality of life and employment for each client. 

Mojj blend experience, humor, intuition and logic and treat each individual as a unique
client to care for with the focus will be on a holistic approach to each consumers life. 

Mojj is a member of the American Counseling Association  (ACA) and the 
American Hypnosis Association (AHA). She believes you must nurture the mind, body
and spirit to live a truly full and happy life.


CSU, Northridge

Bachelors in Psychology, with Minor in Marriage Family Therapy


Cal. Lutheran University

Masters in Counseling & Guidance with Emphasis in Pupil Personal Services


CSU, Northridge

Anger Management training workshop


CSU, Los Angeles

Rehabilitation Counseling 

What to expect

“Thrive by Mojj” is a type of counseling that focuses on identifying and changing
unwanted behaviors to address a variety of mental disorders. The main goal of “Thrive
by Mojj” counseling and guidance will be to act as your life coach to diminish unhealthy
thoughts and behaviors by equipping each individual with the mental tools to make
better choices.


These tools can help clients more effectively deal with challenges in
their daily lives, including:

> Anxiety
Panic attacks 
Career & Vocational blockage
> Return to work aide
Improve health
> Stop smoking
Healthy life style and Wellness

As your counselor, Mojj will work with you to understand the difficulties, debilitating
behaviors, and negative thought patterns YOU want to change. Mojj will also devise
problem-solving methods, like meditation and hypnotherapy, acting as your life coach,
and homework assignments, to improve your quality of life.


> To identifying and changing unwanted behaviors

> To provide care for consumers and facilitate personal growth in coping with unhealthy habits

> To diminish unhealthy thoughts and behaviors by equipping consumer with the mental tools to make
better choices

> To effectively deal with challenges in their daily lives, including phobias, anxiety, and stress

> To improve Consumer quality of life

BE: Present
DO: Trust the process
HAVE: A life that makes you happy and one that allows you to be at full potential

Let’s Work Together

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